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Learning by doing is the most efficient way. Sometimes by doing it the wrong way. That is what they call ‘experience’. One experience smarter equals another step towards wisdom because it teaches you the right way.

How many times can you do it wrong before you can say you’ve acquired enough experience? I have not figured out a number because I keep coming across articles and books of successful people mentioning the importance of failure. They call mistakes the main reason for success and most of them cannot account for how many times they did  things wrong before getting where they were.



Hey, I Know Better What to Think!

People are fast at making assumptions and interpretations which are wrong. Lack of knowledge, taking too little time to assess the situation or unconsciously refusing to fully understand it leads to false beliefs of ‘knowing it better’.

What types of experience are there?




Product usage



Criticize Ideas, Not People

The most convincing and non-debatable argument is ‘my experience says so’. However, there are ways of putting it so that the one who hears you does not feel totally excluded just because you’re opinionated. When people really want to support an opinion, they tend to overheat. Make it a dialogue and not a monologue by leaving place for answers from your interlocutor.

Having your own opinions does not mean you have to oppose others. Just like you, they retrieve their explanations from their experience and life views. Besides that, defending ideas and defending yourself are different things, so never take criticism of your ideas too personally.



Rebel or Copycat?

Acting alike, is that the way to go? People tend to think so. We regard particular behaviours right when we see others behaving that way. As a rule, it is less likely to be wrong when following the social tendencies. However, this has started to be largely exploited…



What Can Stand in Your Way and the Art of Knowing When to Stop

Being obsessed over fixing lost situations is more of a hinder than help in growing. An obvious example would be trying to recover large sums of money lost in gambling.

Mistakenly setting limits by yourself in the path of learning. Also constantly seeking confirmation to your old beliefs instead of being eager to see other sides and notice different aspects of a situation.

Forgetting things can be a hinder. Thant one can’t be controlled and is a part of learning.

Rationalising the mistake instead of noticing and thinking how to avid it in the future. Example? Getting back from shopping with some stuff you neither need nor like but looking to give yourself a proper explanation for getting the objects.

Listening to what others have to say as well as using your own experience in order to grow is an art that can be learned. I think blogging is a nice way of helping others by writing from experience. That we perceive things differently does not mean we have to stick to one point of view. That is why I love following lifestyle blogs – they show other ways of thinking or doing things!






2 thoughts on “Your Experience

  1. I also love blogs for the same reason. I always say “If two people think alike, one of them is irrelevant.”

    Truth isn’t relative, but means of acquiring truth through experience is as diverse as the lovely planet we live on.

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