BreakGorgeous Has Reached 200 Followers!

Hello! I want to thank all my blog followers and readers! I have reached 200 followers on BreakGorgeous/StayYoungandBeautiful without running out of article ideas 😀 As a matter of fact, I am starting to think of adding more categories to the website.


Besides writing and publishing my own articles, I spend a lot of time checking what other bloggers/websites are doing on both WordPress and outside of it. There’s plenty of interesting stuff to read!

I want to share a fun article about the bloggers written from the perspective of a marketer. I am sure that many writers who have blogged for a while and want to integrate advertising or are already integrating it will have fun reading How to Romance a Blogger – Ooh La La 😀 You don’t need to relate to it, I just found it amusing.

I’m constantly looking for ways to make this website better and I currently find Reviewz’n’Tips useful, especially since the writer refers mostly to WordPress users.

What about you? Have you found or written some blogging tips that are worth checking? 🙂 Share your finds/thoughts/opinions below!

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