25 Wedding Present Ideas

Wedding present ideas are easy to come up with at a first thought. But when you actually start thinking you realize that you want to be original and avoid making a double gift (that can be avoided if the guests just agree what to buy though). Later, when walking through the shop and seeing all it has to offer, the choice becomes even more complicated. How to choose an original wedding gift fast and successfully? Choosing and ordering the wedding presents oline is a great idea. I have made a list of items that should inspire you in the wedding gift hunting. Despite the title claiming the article inlcudes 25 wedding present ideas, I could not stop with just one item for some examples and added several variants.

1. Photo Frame. The retro stand with a bicycle and a white picure frame costs $54 on Amazon. Imagine how decorative it would look in the living room!

Retro Stylish Photo Frame

2. Artwork. A painting that spreads positive feelings. The floral oil painting below does not stand out for the brightness but is noticeable due to its original 4-piece arrangement. The pastels should be an easy match to any living room as well. This is a very stylish wedding present which will not surpass any other idea.

Wieco Art Huge Size Stretched and Framed Artwork 4 Panels 100% Hand-painted Flowers

3. Pillow cases or bedroom set. The images speak for themelves. They are too cute! Well the bedroom set might have done a bit of injustice but it is going to be a favorite anyway.

King Size Love Is Patient Love Is Kind

Let’s Snuggle 18×18 Inch Throw Pillow Cover

Oh, Susannah Mr and Mrs Pillow Cases(2 Queen Size Pillowcases)

Alicemall His Side and Her Side Bedding Set Black and White 4-Piece 100% Cotton Queen Size

4. Cake Serving Stand. This is an elegant wedding present that is going to be present at many family parties from there on to remind of the beautiful wedding day!

Porcelain Cake Stand (3RW Silver)

5. Photo Album. Because the wedding pictures need to be stored somewhere. And because there will be so many family pictures in the future!

Professional 4×6 Burgundy Slip-in Wedding Photo Album

6. Champagne Glasses. They will be useful a bit later, when celebrating the wedding anniversary. That is exactly what you can write on the gift card!

Gold Diamond Champagne Toasting Flute Glasses, Set of 2

Mud Pie Wedding Champagne Glasses Set, Gold

RCR Opera Crystal Champagne Glass, Set of 6

7. Decorative lights. These warm decorative lamps can lighten up the garden or a hall in the newlyweds’ home. The lights have a remote control and can be adjusted to brighter or dimmer modes.

Fairy Lights With Remote Control Warm White 33ft

8. Garden Statue. I chose them more for the love image between a girl and a boy. Aren’t both of them sweet?

Design Toscano Little Girl and Boy Dancing Garden Statue

Kissing Boy & Girl on Bench Ceramic Garden Statue

9. Set of spices. This is not your ordinary present, but think of the original message you can add to a set of spice! The sellers have gift wraps available, so I guess I am not the first one to think of spices as an original present.

Simply Organic Gourmet Top 24 Spices Set

10. Monogrammed gifts. You’d be the first one addressing the new family with their mutual name. Wooden cutting boards and bathroom towels are available for order with monograms in several different writing styles.

Monogram Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

Personalised Monogram Custom Bath Towels Gift

11. Wine Bar. The small furniture item is easy to pack in a present paper and transport to the party! Or maybe directly to the love nest. The dark wood will match to any furniture choices the couple would make and is a beautiful storage item that they can keep for ever.

Ancona Wine Cabinet with Glass Rack

Atlantic Wine Cabinet Espresso

12. Gift basket. Like this white wedding gift basket decorated with roses and doves. It contains apple cider, biscuits, candles and some other romantic presents.

Wedding Wishes Gift Basket – Medium White

13. Glass Vase. I barely managed to stop after 4 items when adding these in the list. The colourful designer vases are enough decoration for a shelf and outstanding gift ideas!

Luxury Lane Hand Blown Multicolor Sommerso Art Glass Teardrop Vase 11″ tall

Hand-blown Iridescent Glass Vase in Pink Blush, 13″ Tall

Luxury Lane Hand Blown Multicolor Sommerso Teardrop Art Glass Vase with Angled Lip 9.5″ tall

Luxury Lane Hand Blown Multicolor Abstract Art Glass Vase 8″ tall

14. Picnic Basket. Aren’t these picnic baskets great? They include all that you see in the image – cutlery, plates, napkins, and the first one has a picnic basket too!

VonShef 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket Hamper Set with Flatware, Plates and Wine Glasses

Willow & Seagrass Picnic Basket

15. 3-in-1 Juicer/blender/grinder machine. The heathy start of a new life should include a kitchen robot that can squeeze juice and help with the home-made pies and other cooking errands.

Panasonic MJ-M176P 3-in-1 Juicer/Blender/Grinder Machine, 220 to 240-volt

16. Waffle Maker. Make sure the couple does not have one already. If they don’t, buy one without hesitation! I included a large item that has place for 4 waffles, which means that 2 people can easily have a dinner ready in 10 minutes.

Cuisinart WAF-150R 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel/Red

17. Foot Massager. An electric foot massager is a wonderful choice for a wedding gift. As a matter of fact, whatever is relaxing is a good gift! It would be the fist item to unpack and use after the party for sure.

Electric Foot Massager

18. Designer Clock. Wow! A wedding gift that has a timeless design and shows the exact hour!

Peacock 40pcs Diamonds Decorative Clock Diameter 20.8″

Vitra Flock of Butterflies Clock

19. Children books set. Yes, you read right! The children’s books are not in the list by accident. They will be needed. The more of them, the better!

The Little House (9 Volumes Set)


20. Swimming Pool. If you are sure that there is space for it, you can bring an inflatable swimming pool as a wedding gift!

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

21. Vacuum Cleaner with modern technology that vacuums independently. Because the free time is for something else.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

22. Cutlery Set. This is not a new idea, but who would mind an elegant set like the one below?   I added a set of swan spoon and fork holders just because they passed so well with the wedding gift topic!

Florentia Collection 75-Piece Cutlery Set ‘Principe’ 24K Gold-Plated Service for 12 with Cherry Color Wood Storage Case

Luxury Swan Forks and Spoons Set 14 pcs Stainless Steel- Silver

23. China Set. Another popular wedding gift that still remains appreciated. Pastel colours and classic design or bright cherry blossoms and wavy margins?

Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 8

222 Fifth 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Cherry Blossom, Service for 4

24. Gym. It is a practical present. I know, a home-gym is not something you usually include in a list of gifts but I do think that everyone would like one. The multi-functional home-gym in the image below allows 50 different exercises. There is free delivery for it. No present box, but who cares when they think how great it is to have the training device at home?

vidaXL Multi-functional Home Gym with 1 Boxing Bag

25. Steam iron. In case that the present has not been chosen from the list above. Irons and houseware can’t be wrong though, provided that the present is unique! And you can make sure it is by checking which wedding presents the other guests are going to buy.

Oliso Steam Iron Options


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