Being Creative

Being creative means that besides generating new things and ideas, you put them in practice. The term ‘creative’ differs a bit from being imaginative since the later means keeping the awesome thoughts for yourself. Being creative equals independence. Because a creative person does not wait to hear ‘start’ from someone else. They start with the thought and continue to form by themselves. When not getting criticized for their out of the ordinary ideas, the creatives get a lot of praise for daring, thinking and doing something new. Since being creative is such an advantage, we are all trying to generate new things.  How to be creative?

  •  Writing whatever comes to your mind and then selecting the useful parts. This is known as a form of meditation and therapy too. You just write and release all the ideas that come to mind and don’t bother about how much they are related to each other. Somewhere in the text there will be thoughts worth continuing with.
  • Focusing on the direction that you want to turn your creativity to. Whatever you keep your focus on for a long time will determine the directions of your thoughts. The brain wires accordingly.
  • Using templates. Is that cheating? It depends to which degree you are able to implement your own thoughts and make it unnoticeable that you followed a pattern. Otherwise, templates can be useful. They are often recommended to beginning entrepreneurs: look at what works and follow the example. In writing, a template can help with the plot structure and maybe remind you to complete your text with more ideas.white-room
  • Don’t think that creativity is only for writers or artists. You can be creative in many areas – cooking, clothing, planning DIY projects, when asking people to follow you on social media (see below :D)…
  • Music can be a source of inspiration. As is everything we hear, see and read.
  • Communication. Provided that it is with the right people. Maybe one of them says the next great thought that you can develop and create something
  • Life experience. What has happened to you has not happened to anyone else. At least not the same way and they did not view it as you did. You are the resulting creation of your life experience, but it can be turned the other way around too.
  • Wishes. Your wishes and aspirations can inspire you. Ever heard of ‘visualization techniques’? Thinking and focusing actions around your wishes can make them come true.
  • Write a list of things that you know. It can be anything. From cooking lasagne better than anyone in your family does, to painting or dancing. Which one of your skills have you been using passively but could develop?advertising-quote
  • Continuous activity. Never stop searching for new impressions and new ideas. Keep the flow. Be up to creating things even when you don’t have inspiration. Because when left at leisure, the ‘creativity muscles’ atrophy.
  • Associations. They differ from person to person because we’ve been viewing things from different sides and have created different connections in our minds. By viewing something that someone else created then making your own associations, you can obtain wonderful ideas.
  • By extending your area of knowledge. Am I the only one who thinks it is best to know a bit of everything rather than limiting yourself to one speciality? I mean it’s right to excel in whatever your job or hobby involves, but keep in mind that it’s not the only thing you can do.specialist-quote
  • Mood. Your mood, either good or bad can be a source of creativity!
  • Seeing the potential in things overlooked by others and choosing the right angle for the presentation.

You never know how many people out there can relate to your thoughts and creations unless you show your creativity!

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