Who is Who in the Vegetarian World?

Vegetarianism has started to gain popularity due to a number of reasons. The main reason is that people have been recently pondering a lot about the morality of eating another living being. Moreover, excluding meat from the menu as much as possible has started to be considered the healthy lifestyle. It is also worth pointing out that the food market has so much to offer that you can go a month without meat and not notice! Once the practice of avoiding certain foods has become so popular, it added new words in the vocabulary too. The word ‘vegetarian’ is everywhere but it does not comprise the whole group of no-meat eaters. There are subdivisions as follows:

Fruitarian – eater of fruit, seeds and vegetables that grow above the soil level.

Vegan – they do not consume anything of animal provenience. Not even eggs and milk.

Demi-vegetarians – consumers of eggs, diary products and bird meat. Instead, they don’t cosume fish and crustaceans.

Pescetarians – also called semi-vegetarians – they eat fish, crustaceans, diary products, eggs but no animal or birds meat.

Vegetarian – one who doesn’t consume animal and fish meat.

there is one more term Lacto-ovo-vegan – at a close look it is the same thing as vegetarian. They don’t eat animal and fish meat but do eat diary products and eggs.

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