10 Fun Kitchen ‘Gadgets’


1. What time is it? It’s tea time! Or cupcake time! 😀 These colorful accessories can add a patch of color in your kitchen.

Allen Design Studios “Sunny Cup” Resin Wall Clock

Allen Designs Sweet Cupcake Pink

2. The functional 2-in-1 cake cutter and holder. It is pretty comfortable and you don’t need to fuss with a knife and slice holder.

Estone® 2pcs New Cake Pie Slicer Sheet Guide Cutter Server Bread Slice Knife Kitchen Gadget

3. Meatball shape. You can make use the white detail to press the meat – add filling – and then cover with the other half.

Freedi Newbie Meatball Maker Stuffer Homemade Stuffed Meatballs Maker Kitchen Gadgets And Tools Set

4. Who else loves avocado? I do 🙂 And I thought the avocado slicer was a very functional tool! You can divide the fruit, remove the shell and slice the avocado with it. Only three movements.

Avocado Slicer Kitchen Tool

5. Corn holders & UniCorn holders. Quite handy when you are impatient to pick up the hot corn cob. Not sure if the unicorn corn holders are as efficient in use, but they were worth showcasing 😀

Charcoal Companion Classic Mini-Corn Corn Holders, 4 Pairs

Gama-Go Unicorn Corn Holders, Set of 4

Chef Craft Corn Cob Dishes with Holders, 2-Pack

6. A Spice Organizer. If you choose to quit spicy food it can become your nailpolish storage. 😉

Saganizer 4 Tier spice rack spice organizer, wall spice rack, great idea for spice storage, designed spice shelf

7. Egg Cracker Separator. Did you know that one drop of yolk can destroy your marshmallow mix? Sometimes, when hitting the egg to crack the shell the white and the yolk mix. With the help of the egg cracker separator you can do the 2 steps at the same time – cracking the egg and separating its content without messing up.

Emson EZCracker Handheld Egg Cracker/Separator


8. Can Opener. Anyone else struggling to open jars? This is a helpful tool that makes your grips stronger!

Jar Opener, Easy Grip Premium Bottle Opener Fits Most Jars and Can all Sizes, Limited Manual Hand Movement for Better Opening (TEAL color)

9. Garlic chopper. This is an alternative to the usual garlic press that ends up stuffed with garlic. Much easier to use and to clean.

DeLaine’s Garlic Press, Mincer, Chopper, Garlic Peeler and Recipe E-Book Included

10. Lid holders. These small human shapes look like toys but have a function in the kitchen – to hold the lid when you want to avoid water running out of the saucepan.

Drhob 2 pcs Raise The Lid Prevents Soup Pot Overflow Sillicone Eco-friendly Tools Kitchen Clip holder creative villain


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