Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas is near again and it is time to think what presents to buy for the dear ones. When you choose somebody a present, it is best to use the guidelines:

is it something they have told you they would like to have?
is it something original and memorable?
can it become a favourite?

I have been browsing and thinking of different character types that people have and what they would like as a present. If you are an online shopper, I hope my list saves your time. If you prefer to go to a shop and choose the presents, maybe you will get some inspiration from here. In this list you can click on images to go to the Amazon product page.

Presents for HER:

The fashion&beauty addict






Facial massager:

Nail Art Set

The playful&humorous:

Board Games:

Zombie Blood Shower Gel

Luxury soap box

Fun bottle openers

Likes Tech:

Portable photo printer:

Fitness Wristband

Likes sweets

Cotton candy maker

Chocolate fondue melting pot

The Relaxed

Tea gift set

Biscuits present box

Essential  oils + diffuser

Bath Bombs

Bamboo Bathrobe

Handmade Soap

The Far Traveler

Map of the world where you can note the visited locations

Women’s Backpack

The practical kind:

Hair drier

Wooden serving tray

Computer Desk


Presents for HIM:

The Fashionable Gentleman


Shaving template

Male scarf

Gentleman’s book


Business Card Holder

The Handyman


Tool-Holding Apron

Tools Set

Hot-Dog Toaster

The Collectioner

Faux Book

Leather Photo Album

The TV&Computer Forever Guy

Upside-Down Beer Glass

Pop-Corn Maker

Coffee Warmer Support With USB Cable

The Sporty Type

Fitness Tracker

Gym Gloves

The Gadget Lover


Display Headsup System

The Party Organizer

Soda Machine

Party Game

Family Game

Balloon Russian Roulette



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