Facial Exercises

Just like with the body muscles, our facial muscles get stronger when we use them. The facial expressions that we make unconsciously contribute at toning our face to a degree. However, if you want to keep a youthful face and prevent muscles from sagging, you have to consciously strain and relax the particular areas of the face that need toning. If performed correctly and regularly, facial exercises can remove years from your face.

Why perform facial exercises?

Saggy facial muscles create the impression of an elderly look. The process is reversible, since muscles can be toned by training. Just like you tone your abs and any other body muscle, regularly performed facial exercises can lift your ‘cheek-bones’ (that is what you call them, although it is also a muscle), improve your facial structure and remove wrinkles. The earlier you start – the better.

How often should facial exercises be performed?

Facial exercises, or facial yoga, can be performed several times or once a week. Giving the facial muscles a time to rest is also important, just like with body training. If you are under 30, twice a week is perfect. The need to maintain facial muscles firm increases gradually with the age. Between the ages 30 – 40 there should be 3 sessions of facial workout per week, and afterwards increase to 4 – 5 times/week.


I have tried performing exercises from written sources and found some of them confusing, so I started looking for proper video explanations where someone actually does the exercises right.
The best complex of exercises that I have found is Tal Reinhart’s Facial Workout. It includes a full set of exercises for cheeks, neck, jawline, forehead and muscles around the eyes.
You can break the long video workout into 15-minutes sessions or insist on the facial muscles that you feel need the most attention. The facial workout video lasts for about 1 hour and includes the information about which muscles are targeted, the exercise demonstration, and a soothing background music!




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