Motivation, Where Are You?

‘Motivation’ is that feeling when you are eager to repeat an action so often you become advanced at it. How many people who train, work or start a project of their own say they need motivation to keep them going? Many. And there are as many who complain about not finding it.  If you can relate to most of the items in this list, it means you know how to stay motivated. Otherwise, what is there that needs a change?

  • The feeling while working on the project. Whatever you enjoy doing works for you and you probably wouldn’t stop to think much about motivation.
  • An inner reward – like knowing that your achievement as a result of your work matches your wishes. The inner feeling of reward is often more motivating than payment.
  • Being ‘the boss’. How pleasant is it to work for yourself and know that you are in control of your schedule, hours, actions, goals and interactions?
  • Having the power to make decisions.
  • Setting goals. It is a popular technique. Most of the people work best so, although blindly chasing a goal can lead to cheating just to get the desired result, as well as work of poor quality.
  • Motivation and encouragement from aside. The group you interact with due to your activity does have an impact on you in the long run.
  • Higher payment = better working results? Not always.
  • What others will say if I succeed or lose. I’d say that can be a motivator too 😀
  • That feeling when things just work for you. You feel like you are in the right place, at the right time, and that you enjoy what is going on.
  • Noticing your own progress ‘have I been better today than yesterday?’
  • Seeing the meaning in the activity. Understanding the impact of what you are up to on you and your environment. The feeling that your actions contribute to building a better place can be a great incentive.


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