8 Australian Words to Make You Sound Like a Local

Anyone travelling to Australia? 😀

Little Black Passport


If you’re planning on studying abroad down under, you’re not going to want to sound like a tourist. Although Australia is an English speaking country, they definitely put their own twist on things. Check out these 8 words and phrases to help you sound and feel like a local.

1.“I’m keen” In Australia this is used when someone asks if you want to do something or go somewhere and you’re answer is yes. Ex. “Wanna get food later? I’m keen to go” American translation would be “ I’m down” or simply yes I want to come with you. Also can be used if someone is interested in someone. In America we would say, “ I heard she’s into him” Australian’s would say, “ I heard she’s keen on him.”


2.”Goon” This one is simple Goon is what Australians call boxed wine. The price of most alcohol down under…

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