True Winner

  1. We need motivation more often than we think. I mean don’t wait until you feel down and need to go look for someone to tell you something good. Surround yourself with the motivating, encouraging people and nice environments. Meet them so often that you don’t start missing them.
  2. Don’t take criticism unless it is from someone you admire and trust. Everyone can say what they need to say but most of it should not affect you.
  3. Self- confidence is not something you are born with; it is something you can reach.
  4. Hold on to your principles and life rules. Decide what defines success for you and then go for it!
  5. Be unpredictable. In the good meaning of it. Don’t just do what others expect you to.
  6. Be out of the ordinary. What plays by the rules often remains unnoticed.
  7. Develop one of your skills at the utmost. Being the best at least in one area will get you higher on the scale.
  8. Be trustworthy. Do what you promised.
  9. Have dreams. That is what keeps you motivated. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr Have a Visualisation Board.
  10. If you show up at the contest, you have more chances of winning it than if you don’t go at all!
  11. Dare to try what others didn’t.
  12. Need someone to compete with? Compete with yourself! Constantly be better than yesterday and beat your own records.
  13. Winners don’t destroy. They build and make things better. Winning at the cost of other people’s loss does not count…
  14. Learn the art of convincing yourself. That your next project is going to be a success. That you are going to get that desired result/job/physical shape…
  15. Look at the success of other people in a productive way. No envy. There is definitely something you can learn from their stories!
  16. Be happy. ‘Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone having a good life.’ – Chuck Palahniuk
  17. You can make your own day. You can influence your own mood! 🙂 Yup! We smile when we are glad. The process works the other way around as well. Smiling activates the brain area that is responsible for feeling well. As a rule, winners are people who know how to control their emotions and transform a negative thought into a positive one.
  18. Learn to do things in time. No procrastinating. Develop planning skills. Anticipate now what you will need in the future and get ready.
  19. Be flexible and think outside of the box. Winners are solution-finders.
  20. Start anew! Disappointed with an entrepreneurship idea that did not give results? Had a relationship that didn’t work out? That is ‘experience’. Now use it to make things better. Your past does not influence your future as much as your decisions from now do!

20 thoughts on “True Winner

  1. Another great post helping you to stay on track and I definitely think out of the box, there are so many times in life when you are required to do so. Keep them coming.

    Liked by 3 people

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