The Ant Hill – Cake Recipe

I wanted to share an easy to make and delicious cake recipe. I don’t know if you can find it anywhere else on the internet. I got it years ago from my mom’s friend. It is called an Ant Hill Cake because of the rounded shape and tiny black chocolate bits on top that look like ants. I’ve made Ant Hill cakes 100 times by now and it has been appreciated by everyone who tasted it. In my turn, I love this cake because it tastes great, requires no baking time and won’t need hours in the fridge before it is ready!


Maria biscuits – 200 gr
Caramelized milk – 2 cans
Butter – 150 gr
Black chocolate bar – 200 gr
Raisins – 80-100 gr
Milk and water – several tablespoons
and a large bowl to mix the ingredients in


1. Break the biscuits in a bowl. I break them into around 5 pieces each.



2. Sprinkle some water and milk with a tablespoon. I spread 10 tablespoons of water first and then 20 tablespoons of milk while being careful that the moisture spreads equally.

biscuits and milk copy.jpg

3. Add the caramelized milk and the softened butter after having it melt in the room’s temperature. Mix well. You should not be able to notice bits of white butter in your mix.
4. Add the raisins. I have rinsed them under some hot water then dried them with a napkin so that they don’t spread moisture in the cake.


5. Arrange the mix on a plate and make it look like the shape of a small hill.


6. Grate the chocolate bar and spread it on the cake. Now leave the Ant Hill cake for about 1 hour in the fridge and then it is good to be served!

ant hill cake copy.jpg

Enjoy the Ant Hill Cake and leave your comments below!


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