The Power of Positivity

A positive person attracts so much more attention and happy events in their life! Whenever I come across advice for being a more positive person, I pay attention. Of course a lot depends on the speaker since we’re all different hence it is impossible to say that what makes one happy will suit another too. However, I wrote a list of 6 steps that should be suitable for anyone:

  1. Develop insight. Your insight and intuition help you pick up the energy levels in the environment. Then learn to reject negative energy. Learn to identify situations and people that lower your energy level and avoid them.
  2. Find your right tempo. Some people have the physical and mental strength to travel for hours and go see a movie or right to a meeting from the airport. Others have to take breaks and think between actions.
  3.  Don’t compare yourself to others. If you are included among those who have a list of to-dos and feel like they are not enough because they don’t manage all those, try another approach. Pick one thing in your list every day and let it be that day’s main target. Focus on it. Whatever has not been accomplished can be the 1 target the next day!
  4. Get synchronized. How do you know that you are synchronized? Emotional balance, physical strength, patience, ability to feel excitement, passion or joy are signs of synchronicity. On the other hand, prolonged feelings of tiredness, lack of emotions, irritability, instability and physical symptoms like headaches and irritable bowels are signs of being unsynchronised.
  5. Enjoy your hobbies. When you enjoy what you’re doing, your energy levels soar high. Are you a creative type of person? That is awesome, because the creative energy is positive. So whatever you enjoy: handcraft, writing, or artistic occupations; stick to them.
  6. Remember that success and happiness don’t always show up when and where you thought they would. You can work on a project for years and remain unnoticed and then suddenly get attention and money flowing. There have been people who after a while when nothing happened in their lives suddenly got a job, a partner and whatever they were longing for in a short time span. Just know that your life can get better even if you don’t see how at this moment!






8 thoughts on “The Power of Positivity

  1. Definitely agree with 6, sometimes you think its not going to happen and that’s when it does. It’s so important to keep working towards your goals and aspirations

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