Romantic or Friendship Time Capsule – What’s in it?

You definitely have that one friend or a partner who you know will be around for years. You have a lot of memories to share. But what about creating a tangible memory like the time capsule? Choose a nice resistant box and think of what can remind you of the relationship that you have. I have written a list of ideas below:

  1. A cute love note/ post card
  2. A CD with music
  3. If it is a romantic time capsule- candles
  4. Order a calendar of the year you want to open the time capsule in and have it printed with a picture of you and your friend
  5. Something that might help recreate your first date 🙂 In some cases it is possible, in others not – I know. You can also use an object that reminds of when you first met.
  6. Some photos.
  7. Think big. You can add even clothes that are in fashion that year + candles for a romantic dinner. Imagine opening your time capsule after 25 years!
  8. This one can be either fun or risky. You can ask wedding guests to write small notes and let them know that they will be read only after 5/10/25 years or whenever you scheduled the time-capsule opening.

Now seal your time capsule well. Maybe add some embellishments to the box and hide it well so nobody finds it and gets curious before the time is due!
If anyone reading this article has already opened a time capsule, let us know how your experience was 🙂


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