Alternative Ways of Clothing

Textile clothes are such an old fashion! The industry has started to constantly give out more clothing ideas. It seems that fashion is not just about picking the colour and the recommended style of the season. It is about being new and unexpected!

  1. 3D Printing Clothes

Now these clothes are not your soft jacket you can wear anytime. Let’s recognize that 3D printed clothes look amazing though! To create a fashion 3D printed collection, you need a whole farm of printers or else it would take thousands of hours to get the work done. The number of designers who adopted 3D as their technique has grown. You can choose patterns and colours. Being given the novelty of this type of clothing the results just can’t look wrong! Watch the video below!

  1. Clothes made of hair

Why? Because fashion craves new ideas. You need to do something outstanding to make your name heard. The clothing made of human hair can be an alternative to fur, the creators say. According to them it is cheaper too. A meter of human hair textile is worth around €100 and the type of hair the fashion designers who are involved in this industry is often Afro because it is harder to find. Here is a short video and an  interview  with a designer.

  1. Recycling

Sending your old clothes for recycling is a subject that has been discussed a lot. A Dutch team got an innovative idea to design, sew and recycle the clothes inside the same factory. That means that their customers return almost 100%. Once a jacket bought from the supplier has started to look worn out, the manufacturers would receive it back and recycle it themselves since they have all the equipment to produce and re-create the same piece of clothing. Of course you wouldn’t want to wear the same suit for ever and send it back and forth to the manufacturers, that is why the Dutch factory focuses on work clothes only. However, they have a lot of admirers among the environment protectors.





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