How to Make an Awesome Bucket List

What is a bucket list?

A list of things you would like to accomplish. It can be short term or long term, more or less crazy, and include as many events as you wish.

Why make a bucket list?

Because you want your life to be the best and because having plans keeps us moving!

What is in a bucket list?

People are different, that is why an active person will have more travel and sports-related goals and a family person will target home and the space around it. Don’t limit to what you usually do though. When creating a bucket list, think about

Your goals in the near and the far future

What is important in life

What gives you the feeling of being accomplished


Think about health and shape

Add some extreme like paragliding or mountain hiking

Things that you do already; think of ways to excel at them

Things that you are not good at but you would like to be

People around you- you can help to accomplish somebody else’s dream

What do you need to succeed?

Power of will, time, money, and inspiration.

Also updating the list from time to time. Maybe it is time to cross out some items or add new plans. The important thing is that you don’t stagnate.

Mix things that are easier to accomplish in the list so that you can see things moving. The main goal with your bucket list is that you enjoy your time accomplishing what it says!

There are some online tools that are supposed to help you create bucket lists but you will end up with plans like ‘swimming with sharks’ and ‘get punched by a boxer’ that I am not sure you would enjoy 😀 Anyway, here are some websites that have more serious features: 


  1. Try an exotic type of food
  2. Renovating your own home- it can be very rewarding
  3. Read 1 book per week for a year
  4. Find that one book that changes your life
  5. Be vegetarian for a month
  6. Paint your own masterpiece to hang on the wall
  7. Internship/work abroad
  8. Pilates until you can do a scorpio,
  9. Make a sped up video with 365 photos, 1 day 1 photo during 1 year
  10. Draw your own ideal dress or shoes then get professional help to sew them
  11. Make a time capsule
  12. Make one daring plan like starting a business to earn a million
  13. Get your portrait painted
  14. Try 10 types of tea
  15. See an opera
  16. See a ballet
  17. Share something you’re good at by publishing a book/ blog/ vlog
  18. Identify and cure a phobia
  19. Climb on the highest peak in your locality to share a picture over it
  20. Ride a rollercoaster
  21. Visit a castle
  22. Assemble a 5000 pieces puzzle
  23. Paraglide
  24. Create a popular post on 9gag
  25. Win a competition
  26. Visit an exotic country
  27. Train a pet until it shows visible progress
  28. Make a best quote of your own
  29. Be someone’s inspiration
  30. Create your own food recipe

froggies posingrollercoasterglass castle


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