10 Fun Couple Time Spending Ideas

  1. Sharing each other’s hobbies. Having common interests can be a way to start a friendship. Or to prolong an existing one.
  2. Checking childhood pics. They are all fun to look at and make you remember a lot of funny cute stories. Schedule at least 2 hours for this one 😉
  3. Find creative ways to say ‘I love you’! Like printing it on a mug, leaving a sticky note where it was not expected.
  4. Go to concerts/ art galleries/ city quests.
  5. A road trip. It is not expensive and does not require as much time as a holiday abroad. If you want to know someone better, you should travel with them as they say.
  6. Take online fun tests.
  7. Start a new collection. We all have objects we like and collect, sometimes even involuntarily. You can start collecting small souvenirs from your trips, even if you don’t travel too far. See some ideas here.
  8. Answer the same provocative questions. Better be honest! You can think of your own list or be spontaneous. Here is a list for inspiration.
  9. Teach each other something that the other one has no idea of. Like changing the oil in the car/ baking a complicated cake/ speaking a foreign language…
  10. Start something in common. For example, a blog you can keep together, or register on the same game website, keep a vlog, a common music playlist on YouTube…

couples time ideas


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