Sleep Right

Why we like to sleep

The scientists have several theories regarding our need to sleep. One explanation is that we have developped a tendency to save energy at night since the early generations had less chances to find resources. However, things have changed and we have the same conditions both during day and night, so there has to be another plausible explanation.

Sleep is closely related to brain development and an increase in brain plasticity that leads to people being able to perform their everyday tasks. Besides the brain, the cardiovascular system gets to rest since the blood pressure lowers to 20-30% and the heart rate decreases.

‘Liking’ to sleep a lot is often a sign of how badly the organism needs the processes that are listed above and depending on the age, weight, and style of life people require different amounts of sleep.

guy shouting at stars

The elderly need less sleep due to less activity, while babies are the sleepiest ones and don’t even care whether it is day or night. Depending on their age, people usually need the following amounts of sleep:

Newborns: 16-18 hours/day
Infants: 12-14 hours
Toddlers: 10-12 hours
Preschool: 11-12 hours
School-age: 8-12 hours
Adolescents: 8-12 hours
Adults: 6-8 hours
Elders: 6 hours

How to adjust your sleep schedule:

The circadian rhythm tells your body when it is time to sleep and wake up, but due to our busy schedules we rely more on alarm-clocks than natural sleep cycles. There is a trick that works for most of those who try to wake up with ease when the alarm goes off.

pink clock (2)

It is known that a sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes and an average person feels rested enough after 5 cycles. So all you have to do is multiply the 90 x 5 and that results in 7.5 hours. Supposedly you need to wake up at 07:00. It means that you need to go to sleep at 23:30 to get 5 sleep cycles and wake up at the end of the 5th one. Provided that you fall asleep very soon after you went to bed at least. Or you can go to sleep at 22:00 to get 6 sleep cycles. The point is that you have to wake up at the end of the 90 minutes complete cycle, otherwise your organism will be sending you signals of being tired. There is one more trick for those who use to get up late and want to change their habit. Set your alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier than before. Wake up a few days without any clock and see approximately what time it is. Then keep adjusting your new waking up time every 3 or 4 days. I have tried and it works!

canoe night


Alternatively, buy a powerful waking up device like the alarm clock that rings then rolls away and you have to find it to stop it. There are also alarm clocks with details that take off and you need to find them and restore the construction to make the sound stop. For the heavy sleepers, there are bed shaking alarm clocks. If you prefer a friendlier waking up process, you can choose an alarm clock that gradually lightens up the room thus imitating the natural process of waking up at sunrise. Products listed below:


Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, Aqua

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Wake-Up Light, Amir Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock, Nature Night Light, 5 Colors Atmosphere Lamp, 3 Brightness Bedside Lamp, Morning Wake-Up Alarm Light with Nature Sounds & FM Radio – Touch Control


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