Choose One Thing You Want to Master


Is there something you wish you were good at? Something you’ve been slowly mastering for years now but never got actually involved 100%. We all want well-developed abdominal muscles, like the ones where you can distinguish squares. Or to learn a language that we’ve studied but never started actually speaking. If you want to be good at something, make it your goal and your priority.

The models do not have those bodies because they have been training once a week years on end. Quite the contrary, it is something you plan and achieve in less than one year. Don’t just ‘take care of it’ and give it some time when you are not tired, you won’t get to your goal. If you want it, set your goal and the exact amount of time you need to give it and do whatever it takes to have it done.

There are long-term and short-term goals. Since it is not a business blog and we focus on a better look like achieving a better shape or clearer skin or a whim like speaking better French, I will be focusing on the short-term goal planning. You wanted squares on your abdomen or trained inner thighs for years. The truth is they are easy to achieve, only that you need to keep a steady regime and know what you are after.

  • Set your exact goal and a realistic deadline. If it is a larger plan, divide it in steps. Let’s not call the project ‘My Life in 10 Years’. Start with something small instead.


  • Choose something that really matters. Even if you don’t consciously recognize to which degree your goal is important for you, your subconscious does it. You’ll have more help from your subconscious if you really have an understanding about the benefit you’ll have from achieving your goal. For example, you need to become fluent in French because you’ve planned a holiday in the country, so you learn in 2 months more than you’ve learned in your whole life until then.


  • Write it. Create a background on your PC or a nice visualization board. (add image with abdomen and exercises list)


  • You shouldn’t enjoy only the achieved goal; you should enjoy the process too. If you plan to lose 10 kilos, don’t make your experience a nightmare. There are ways to lose weight without suffering and I am not talking about any magic pills they sell on the internet. There are healthy low-calorie foods and aerobics can be fun J


  • Don’t multitask. Invest all your energy into achieving one goal. That will save your time and give you higher chances of succeeding.


  • Assess your progress. Whatever your goal is, there should be a way to qualitatively and quantitatively measuring it.


  • Once you reach your goal, don’t stop. Push yourself forward or maintain your achievement.


  • Learn the art of self-encouragement. It sounds silly, but the subconscious does react to received encouraging words, even if they come from yourself.

I am a success. I am closer to reaching my goal with every day. My work is showing results.

  • Self-discipline yourself

You can call it an art or a learning. Self-discipline is when you can control yourself and keep a schedule despite the laziness and distractions.


  • Check all that applies to reaching your goal. For example, you want to be a better runner. Check what increases resistance, know shorter and longer tracks, find like-minded people, create a schedule. Do everything that will keep you tied to your goal.

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2 thoughts on “Choose One Thing You Want to Master

  1. I’ve been multitasking in the past and my dilemma was unfinished tasks; now I learned to focus on one thing at a time and yielded best results! Great topic! And, thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂 – Geline


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