Better Memory = Less Misplaced Things

People who have photographic memories or an exact recall of all the events in their lives exist and benefit from their skills. There are few of them though. There are more of those who make a cup of tea and let it cool down for a few minutes and then remember it after two hours when it is cold. Recognize that at times you forget where you put your keys, why you opened a new tab in your browser or why you walked into a room.

According to some statistics on the topic, one in four people happened to miss appointments of different degree of importance. Six per cent of the respondents happened to miss their significant other’s birthday. Men are more forgetful than women according to the same research.

There are apps that should theoretically help us organize our daily activities. I personally find them time-consuming and think it is faster to write the tasks and then strike through the accomplished ones. If you want to take this practice to the next level, you can stick notes with things to do on the mirror or an object you are certainly going to deal with. Because the same devices are guilty of causing stress.

There are plenty of people who refuse to admit that forgetfulness affects their daily life, even though statistics show that we forget at least 2-3 tasks or things every day. Or maybe they forget to recognize that. Among the most often forgotten things are: taking food out of the freezer, charging electronic devices, birthdays, locking doors, and where the keys are again.

Opposed to the people who refuse to say that they forget things is a group of people who worry at early ages about Alzheimer’s or other issues where poor memory is one of the symptoms. Before attributing your confusion to a disease, check whether it is not from one of the following reasons: too little or poor sleep quality, medication, too much smoking and alcohol, stress, anxiety, depression. There are some foods and habits you can use to boost your memory a bit:

Foods that make your memory better

Avocados, blueberries, nuts, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds and whole grains contain substances that the brain uses to combat bad moods and work more efficiently.

Practices that give you a better memory:

  • Sports like aerobics or dancing because they require coordination between the eye and body activity. Practicing these regularly will improve not only your physical condition — it helps you build some neural connections as well.
  • Sleeping enough. The pattern can differ from person to person. It should be between 6 and 8 hours and it is great if you can follow a schedule and sleep at the same hours.
  • Solving crosswords, puzzles, and even playing Candy Crush gets your brain alertness and educates the problem-solving tendency.
  • Taking breaks, especially if you are involved in activities that require intense focus. The brain has a natural tendency to take breaks if it needs to. If you don’t take care to stop what you are doing at times and just relax for five minutes, it will repay you with longer spans of forgetfulness and confusion.
  • Laughing and having a balanced emotional state. Whatever affects your emotional wellbeing damages your memory in the long run, so look out for people and places that make you feel bad and avoid them.
  • Make mental checks. For example, ‘I am locking the door’, ‘I am unplugging the iron’. It will teach you to stay aware and you will be sure about having completed automatic tasks that we tend to perform unconsciously.
  • Teach yourself to make mental summaries of articles and chapters in the books that you read. It trains your memory and serves as a check of how focused you’ve been while reading.



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