Tea Is More Than a Drink

Camellia sinensis plantations are the main source for black tea. The finest leaves are considered the two on the top and the small flowers that come along with them. The leaves are left to dry out and ferment. Once the process is complete, the tea leaves are sorted out according to sizes. The tea dust can go to complete the content of paper tea bags and full leaves or small leaves are packed with the corresponding specifications. Many people are afraid of the tea bags because of their content. It is not the dust inside that is dangerous, it is the small piece of extremely thin paper that does not disintegrate in hot water because it is full of chemicals like epichlorohydrin. The same chemical that the tea bags are treated with is used as pesticide and classified as carcinogen.

People believe that green and black teas come from different plants. In reality it is the preparation process that differs. The green tea is harvested then goes through steaming. Since there is no process of oxidation, the leaves maintain their green color and have another taste. The black color is acquired in the process of oxidation. The black tea has more caffeine — 14 to 60 mg per cup, while the green tea has 24 to 40 mg per cup.

When you cannot drink any more tea…

– Dipping cotton pieces in black tea concentrate and tapping the hair roots dries the scalp and can help if your hair gets greasy too fast.

-Cotton pieces soaked in black tea of the body temperature applied on the eyes will eliminate redness.

-Search among facial care products based on tea extracts. Tea is reach in antioxidants that help to prevent aging.


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