The Turkey Neck Problem

What is a turkey neck?

The turkey neck is the name for the loose skin on the neck which develops due to age or neglection. It looks just as bad as it sounds. The skin sags and creates deep lines that later grow into folds. Sometimes, you can see a face perfectly taken care of but the neck destroys it all.

What causes a turkey neck?

Developing superficial lines on the skin is a result of the aging process. As the skin loses its elasticity, it starts to lose the smooth aspect too.

Looking down at the smartphone for hours.

Sleeping on a high pillow that enhances the folds on the neck might speed up the process.

While struggling to keep a fresh face and body, many people forget about the neck. Lack of exercise directed to the neck muscles causes their sagging.

How to prevent a turkey neck from developing?

  1. Choose a low pillow or even try sleeping without one.
  2. Make stretching exercises in order to improve flexibility (e. g. tilt the head back and push the lower jaw upwards).
  3. Avoid holding your smartphone in a position that cause folds on the neck to appear while you are reading your messages. They have already coined a term for the issue of turtle neck that appears due to intensive tablet and smartphone use: tech neck.
  4. Nourish the skin. Apply the same cream that you use for the face in a generous amount.
  5. If you have a face roller or massager, use it for the neck too. Give your neck skin just as much attention as you give to your facial skin.
  6. Pay attention to how you keep the neck. Just as you mind keeping your back straight, you should think about the neck. It does not have to be twisted or folded when you spend hours at the computer for example. If you notice that you need to change the height your computer is placed at in order to avoid folds, do so!
  7. Extra weight contributes to the turkey neck look. Sometimes, a weight loss can be the key to finally achieving a swan neck.



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