10 Steps to Wellbeing

  1. Know yourself. What makes you happy and what annoys you? Remember your past actions and figure out what you were doing at times when you felt happy. Then consider bringing back some old habits and excluding others that annoy you now.
  2. Rely on yourself. You are the only responsible for your wellbeing. It means that the surroundings, the people, the money and everything you blame when something was wrong plays a very tiny role in influencing it.
  3. Try new things daily. Sometimes, even taking risks can be a better idea than just spending your time stuck in the same old habits. Think of what can push you out of the comfort zone: talking to a stranger, learning a new subject, ordering another type of food…
  4. Smile & laugh. People smile when they are happy. The same thing works the other way around. When you smile, your brain releases happy hormones. 🙂
  5. Live according to your own values. Whatever others tell you is right for their wellbeing is about them, but you might be here for a totally different reason. Usually people like doing what they are good at and vice versa, so following your path will give you confidence and a sense of fulfillment.
  6. Tell yourself you are good enough. If in order to feel better you need to start a project and in order to start a project you need more knowledge, you are stuck in that circle of feeling that what you are is not enough. The only thing you need is to believe in yourself.
  7. Accept those days when you are not okay. We all have our ups and downs. Hopefully, not too many of the former.
  8. Meditate & exercise. We all know that exercising contributes to both physical and psychological wellbeing.
  9. Make a change. Sometimes small things like changing your hair color or attempting a new look can make you feel better. Otherwise, you can go to the next level and try studying/working abroad, changing a relationship that does not work or adopting a different lifestyle.
  10. Learn the art of letting go. Resentful people don’t go far because they waste too much time hating on events from the past. In order to be ready for something new, you have to release the old. Besides that, all that energy can be used for something productive instead!




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