Cellulite: 3 Stages and 5 Reasons

Cellulite can appear at any age and affects a high percentage of women. The layer of fat under the skin acquires a lumpy appearance and in the most advanced estate, the skin affected by cellulite looks just like an orange shell. This condition is dreaded by everyone, and even though, dermatologists affirm that around 90% of the women have to fight a milder or more serious form of cellulite.

Sometimes it is noticeable, other times not so much, depending on the stage that the cellulite is at:

  1. At the first stage the skin is smooth and one can only spot the emerging cellulite when pinching it and examining the area.
  2. At the second stage, the cellulite is slightly noticeable without any aid. It usually spreads on the thighs and buttocks and one can see that the skin is not that firm anymore. Contours of emerging cellulite are already visible. At this stage, massage and exercise can still help revert the process.
  3. At the third stage, the cellulite is too noticeable to ignore and too well rooted to get rid of with only massage. The skin gets saggy and lumpy and exercises won’t save anyone from it, unless accompanied by plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, the plastic surgeons claim that weight loss and creams are useless once cellulite reaches the third stage.


There are 5 main causes why it appears:

  1. Natural predisposition

Both the skinny and obese women have a natural predisposition to cellulite. The estrogen, a female hormone, triggers the body’s tendency to store extra fat to prepare for an eventual pregnancy. The buttocks, tights and the abdomen are the first targets, although cellulite can even appear on the arms and breasts. The men are much less likely to develop cellulite since their insignificant levels of estrogen are not enough to trigger it.


  1. Smoking

Smokers are affected by cellulite more often than non-smokers. The toxic chemicals hinder the organism from producing collagen, which otherwise contributes to keeping the tight look of the skin. The cells do not retain the moisture once the collagen levels get lower and the skin looks dehydrated, giving path to the unhealthy orange-skin look.


  1. Sugar

It is actually considered the number one reason. There is so much food out there that is rich in sugar that many people find it hard to avoid. Sugar is converted to fat and the extra amounts are deposited immediately to the target zones: abdomen and lower body.

Fizzy drinks, candy, cookies and ice cream are the most sugary products, but there are hidden sugar sources like sauces (teriyaki, salsa, ketchup), dried fruit and cereals that we sometimes consume because we want to stay healthy. Of course there is no need to exclude all of them, but actually checking how much sugar there is in your daily products might give you an insight why those magic anti-cellulite creams never start to show their effect!

  1. Sedentary lifestyle

The factors that were mentioned above in combination with 8 hours of sitting at the office and 2 others in front of the TV are sure ways to grow cellulite in no time. All that encourages the blood flow can help fight it. Running, swimming, aerobics or any other form of physical effort are good in treating cellulite as it enhances the oxygenation of the tissues and prevents fat being stored. Even self-massage can be considered a form of ‘motion’. The specialists recommend to massage from the bottom up.


  1. Clothing

Just as the sedentary lifestyle, tight limiting clothing hinders proper blood circulation and contributes to cellulite growth. The first thought is for example underwear with tight elastics as well as extremely undersized jeans that suppress the skin under the belly.



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