5 Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is obtained from pressing whole olives and is usually associated with cooking. People knew long ago that it could be used in beauty recipes as well, but the idea of olive oil as a beauty enhancer somehow got lost during the development of cosmetic industries. Nowadays, the people are starting to rediscover the use of natural ingredients and the olive oil is climbing up again in the popularity ladder. Here are just 5 great benefits:

  • Smoother facial and neck skin.

Apply on face and neck and massage. It is best that you do it before a bath/shower as the olive oil does not wash off that easily. However, once you’re done with the procedure, your skin will thank you.

The vitamin E and the antioxidants contained in olive oil will leave your skin smoother and healthier than any cream. Not to forget that the olive oil is often used as an active ingredient in many skin care products. Applying the oil regularly will give you the anti-aging effect without clogging the pores, costing you a fortune and making you depend on an expensive series of products.

  • Prevents your hair ends from splitting.

Before washing your hair apply some olive oil on its ends. A small quantity is enough. If you keep doing that about once every 2 weeks you will notice that your hair does not split as fast as it used to, so now you do not need to cut it that often either. Hopefully, now you can grow that long hair you’ve always wanted to have!

  • Olive oil can even boost your mood.

The scientists identified that olive oil encourages your organism to produce serotonin, a chemical that is responsible for the general well-being: appetite, sleep, memory and behaviour.

Another study regarding diets had test-people who used olive oil daily say that the ingredient made them feel satiated. Hungry people get angry faster, hence more olive oil consumers = less angry people.

  • Helpful in losing weight.

Yes, it is an oil and all the oils are fats. But following the previous statement about olive oil making you feel fuller will explain why most of the test-subjects lost weight while consuming it. The olive oil can help one feel full sooner and stop them from overeating.

  • Health benefits that you don’t see immediately, but which you will appreciate in the long run.

The olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat which reduces cholesterol levels.  Besides that, it makes your arteries more elastic so you would be less likely to suffer a stroke or heart-attack later. The olive oil improves memory and reverses some neural change processes associated with Alzheimer’s disease due to a component named Oleocanthal found in it.









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