Hair Care

Do you think that your hair is growing too slowly? Keep in mind that the growth is more visible on short hair, whereas after reaching a particular length, the hair starts to be a little slower in growth due to the fact that it is harder to provide the necessary amount of substances. However, there are recipes that can make your hair grow faster and thicker.

The castor oil– can be found in the drugstores and is very inexpensive. Apply it on the scalp before you wash your hair, but be careful not to spread too much of it on the hair itself because it will make it look greasy. Leave it on the skin for about 15 minutes. It works even better if you cover your head in a warm towel. After 15 minutes wash your hair, you might need to apply shampoo twice in order to wash off all the castor oil.  Repeat the procedure from time to time (once a month) and you will notice new hairs appearing. This recipe helps getting rid of the dandruff too.

Splitting ends? Apply olives oil on the ends of your hair before the wash.

Would you like to make the hair smoother throughout the length? Separate the yolk of an egg from the white and apply throughout the length (two yolks if you have thicker and longer hair). Cover it with a plastic bag and a warm towel for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Wash your hairbrush and even change it often if possible.  The hair products that get stuck in it can have a negative impact on your hair. Change hairbrushes once in a while. The new ones massage your scalp better while the old ones don’t encourage the blood flow because they become blunt.

Hair loss: On the average one loses 100 hairs a day, the amount of falling hair might be higher during the spring and autumn. You might notice a bigger amount of hair falling while you wash, while there are few ‘losses’ during the next day. It is not okay if you notice a constant hair loss though. The reason can be one of the following:

  •   Not wearing a hat during the cold season. This makes the roots of the hair lose strength.
  • The hairdos that hold your hair too tight. Besides, dividing your hair constantly on the same side  can cause that place to have less hair growth.
  • Dying the hair too often.
  • Using the wrong cosmetic products, or even applying the wrong quantity may be a cause. Exaggerating the amount of conditioner can have rather negative effects.

You must have heard of the four personality types- choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. There are no medical researches as to this, but there is a belief that our hair estate and problems might depend on them too. Keep in mind that most of the people have mixed types.

Sanguine personality type:
This type of people are usually medium tall, robust, have well developed muscles, broad shoulders. They are inclined to gaining extra weight, their waist is not very accentuated.
Other traits: communicative, active, emotional, their feelings take over the reason.
Their hair: Due to an active circulation, their hair gets greasy faster. Light shampoos for frequent use are recommended for them.
Recommendations: – Wash the hair once in two days, using light anti-allergic shampoos.
– Protect your head from temperature variations. The exaggerated cold or heat make your hair roots even more sensitive.
– Avoid the spicy and fat foods. They disbalance your metabolism and this has a negative effect on the hair as well.

Phlegmatic personality type:
They are not very tall, big boned, have a wide chest and hips (the ‘Rubenesque’ type). Just like the sanguine type, they are have a tendency to being overweight. They have round pale faces and a pale, sensitive skin.
Other traits: calm, balanced, slowish but accurate.
Their hair: The blonde type with thin hair predominate among phlegmatics. Their hair grows slowly due to the slow circulation.
Recommendations: – If you want to keep your hair in a good estate, you will need to avoid dying it to often as well as exposing it to the UV radiation. – Apply hair-masks on a regular basis in order to make your hair stronger and activate its growth.

Melancholic personality type:
The typical melancholic is tall, very slim, has thin lips.
Other traits: They are the meditative and closed type of people.
Their hair:  they can have problems with their hair being too dry and brittle.
Recommendations: -Applying regenerating masks, focusing on the roots. You can try for example this home-made recipe that is meant to enhance the growth: mix a small quantity of burdock oil with the juice obtained from an onion then apply it on the roots. Cover your head, it is supposed to stay in the warmth for about 10. Wash your hair when the 10 minutes have passed.  – Use hair products that don’t burden your hair.

Choleric personality type:
Average tall or  taller than the rest, slim, with  defined waist. They have oval faces and their skin has a yellow hue.
Other traits: decisive, punctual and active. They are artistic natures and good organizers.
Their hair: the hair gets greasy soon, dandruff.
Recommendations: – Avoid consuming too much coffee, alcohol, spices as they are one of the causes that make one’s hair look ‘tired’. –  Try applying black tea on the roots. It helps the hair not get greasy so fast. Dip a piece of cotton in a strong infusion and press it against the scalp.


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